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    Açorda de Bacalhau

    Region: Alentejo

    Açorda de Bacalhau is a main course made mainly with bread and codfish. It is a smooth dish, full of Portuguese flavours: codfish, coriander, garlic. This dish was among the 70 Wonders of Portuguese (...)

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    Dom Rodrigo

    Region: Algarve

    Dom Rodrigo is a conventual dessert from the very south of Portugal. It is made with traditional egg yolk and sugar, and very typical almonds from Algarve. It is presented wrapped in colourful metal (...)

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    Alheira de Mirandela

    Region: Mirandela

    The origin of alheira is related to the persecution of jews by The Inquisition. At that time, jews were easily identified for not producing the typically cured sausages (made by pork meat). This way, (...)

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    Bolo do Caco //

    Bolo do Caco is a special bread from Madeira island. It is usually eaten as a starter with garlic butter, or used to make sandwiches with beef, ham, octopus or scabbard fish. This product was among th ...more

  • Main course

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    Migas Alentejanas //

    This dish is is made with bread from Alentejo and lard. It is usually served with pork meat. To better taste this dish it is highly recommended a glass of red wine from Alentejo. This dish was among t ...more

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    Vinho Moscatel //

    Moscatel wine is produced in Douro and in Peninsula of Setúbal (the most famous one). Most of the moscatel is sold in a young stage, but during the ageing the wine becomes fruity, with flavours of fig ...more

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    Encharcada do Convento de Santa Clara //

    This conventual dessert made with egg yolk, sugar and cinnamon, is traditional from Alentejo and is one of the most popular conventual desserts. This dessert was among the 70 Wonders of Portuguese Gas ...more

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Bolo Rei //

Bolo Rei is a traditional portuguese cake that is eaten for Christmas and Dia de Reis (Kings' Day - January, 6). This cake represents the presents that The Three Kings gave to Child Jesus: gold is rep ...more


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